Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore

The Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore (STANS) is a North Shore Vancouver BC club established to encourage senior tennis players to get out there and play. Membership is open to anyone 55 years of age or older who enjoys playing tennis.

Club History

Over thirty years ago, on August 17, 1988, a group of senior tennis players got together to create the Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore or as it is now popularly known, STANS. Their foresight, energy, determination and persuasiveness gave rise to an organisation that has earned the respect of the community. They were the driving force behind a “winter” tennis facility, now a reality known as the Grant Connell Tennis Centre in North Vancouver. They paved the way to secure the privileged access we continue to enjoy to public courts at Murdo Frazer, Cloverly and Cates Park in North Van and Ambleside and Benbow in West Van.

The people at that first meeting assumed pro tem positions, and they were Ann and Art Erlebach (Treasurer), Pat and Terry Field (President), Waring Pentland (Secretary) and Pat Stansfield. (Vice President). Three people who had been invited but were unable to make that first meeting were nominated as Directors… Marge Nelson, Diana Mckay and Jim Price. The first public meeting of this organisation was held on October 12, 1988 at which time Jim Price became President, Pat Stansfield, VicePresident, Waring Pentland, Secretary and Art Erlebach, Treasurer with Terry Field as Past President and Directors Mary Ensworth, Vivian Karran, Frank Kearns and Marj Nelson. By mid-November they had 89 members.

Their good work has touched hundreds of seniors over the past twenty years and we acknowledge and thank them for their efforts.

Our archives contain a note from one of the driving forces in STANS, Pat Stansfield, who had a discussion with a District Planning official and regaled him with a list of reasons to put the needs of seniors tennis players high on their priority list…one of which was “It goes without saying that this generation of seniors is far more active and hope to keep playing until they are 80! Tennis will help keep them out of the hospitals!!” Bravo Pat…thanks to you, to your colleagues and to the generations of STANS volunteers and players who followed, we have lots of over-eighty players on the courts every week. And we have an organisation that continues to renew itself and to thrive.

Currently, STANS supports a grant program aimed at financially assisting young local tennis players who have already left their mark in a series of national and provincial championships and who may someday do so on the international scene.