Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore

The Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore (STANS) is a North Shore Vancouver BC club established to encourage senior tennis players to get out there and play. Membership is open to anyone 55 years of age or older who enjoys playing tennis.

Fall & Winter

STANS has weekly access to courts at the North Vancouver Tennis Centre during the fall and winter months. Unlike our summer arrangements on public courts, fall/winter tennis is not drop-in. It is usually quite popular and STANS members indicate their interest in playing by contacting our Program Director. Players pay a fee of $12.50 per day per 2 hour session, 7-9 am for the winter program. The program covers the 10-17 weeks in each of the fall and winter sessions, respectively.

A list of potential spares is kept in case regular players cannot play on their reserved date. Spares are expected to pay for court time to the player they replace.

We welcome questions and expressions of interest and would invite you to contact our Programs Director at