Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore

The Seniors Tennis Association of the North Shore (STANS) is a North Shore Vancouver BC club established to encourage senior tennis players to get out there and play. Membership is open to anyone 55 years of age or older who enjoys playing tennis.

Constitution & By-Laws

View our full Constitution and By-Laws in PDF Version. Here is an excerpt from the Constitution.

The purpose of the Society is:

  1. to enhance enjoyment of life and to extend tennis participation of active senior tennis players;
  2. to promote active participation of senior tennis players who do not have partners, opponents, available facilities or club affiliation;
  3. to promote maximum use of existing tennis facilities, both indoor and outdoor, by senior tennis players under the most favourable terms possible;
  4. to prepare and distribute a membership roster;
  5. to publish and distribute newsletters to the society members;
  6. to promote the addition of court facilities, when required;
  7. to promote increased senior tennis players involvement in Tennis B.C. projects within the area;
  8. and to promote and organize senior tennis tournaments if demand warrants.